April 2, 2017

Why is Asian wedding videography so expensive?! See a breakdown of the cost involved and learn why Asian wedding video prices are so high in the UK.

March 30, 2017

Example of a Marble Clip

Marble Clips are short video highlights under 1 minute long, perfect for sharing via social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

When thinking about post millennium couples, one thing springs to mind, Social Media! 

Wedding photos...

A few Highlights from Imran and Thania's big day.

The wedding took place in the West Midlands, the bride’s home county. This was a typical big Asian wedding with the Islamic Nikkah and registration on the same day. Followed by the meal, photoshoot and emotional farewell...

A few Highlights from Muksita and James big day.

The wedding took place in a luxurious Ipswitch venue, surrounded by beautiful gardens and trees on a sunny summer day, which made the fiming even more enjoyable.

The wedding wonderfully mixed Asian and British cultures, in...

The wedding ceremony of Sana and Tayyab took place in the sculpture gallery at Woburn Abbey, close to Milton Keynes.

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This was one of my favourite events. The sky was clear and temperature warm, a perfect day for a wedding celebration...

Highlights from Sheena and Jaswinder's Sangeet celebration night.

Great event! There was food, dancing, singing, Garba and more. Marble Videos enjoyed filming the event and would like to say congratulations to Jaswinder and Sheena.

Harris J, Zaid Ali, Safe Adam and more

From the cheers, clapping and screaming, it was clear who the Slough crowd had paid to see, Zaid Ali T.
Zaid Ali received a huge cheer as he entered the stage. Not only were the youngsters on their feet but the aunties of Slough were in eager anticipation for Zaid’s...

Interview with Muslim comedian, Preacher Moss

Interview with Nasheed artist Safe Adam (previously known as Saif Adam). Download Safe Adam's latest tracks on Amazon. Hits include By My Side, Ya Nabi, Up, Heaven and Candle - which will feature in a film.

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