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Sana & Tayyab: Wedding Highlights

The wedding ceremony of Sana and Tayyab took place in the sculpture gallery at Woburn Abbey, close to Milton Keynes.

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This was one of my favourite events. The sky was clear and temperature warm, a perfect day for a wedding celebration. I noticed a deer crossing sign as I drove up towards the venue. Sure enough we soon sighted deer in the distance, drinking from one of the garden lakes.

Tayyab was first to make his entrance. Dhol players began drumming while the AUDI pulled up into the venue. As seen in the wedding trailer, the men from the groom's side danced their way into the venue in true Punjabi fashion.

Sana made her entrance to an instrumental of the classic Bollywood song 'Khabie Khabie' from this movie. She wore a red Asian dress and entered with her Mum, Dad and Niece.

I approached a number of the couple's close relatives and asked if they would like to do a video message saying congratulations. The majority of the messages were emotional, loving and supportive. Old Indian music was also played throughout the day, further adding emotion to the day. As a result I decided to edit the trailer in a way that brought out this emotion.

Tayyab gave a speech at the end of the day thanking those who attended. He added that he felt his new wife looked gorgeous - this in my mind is perfect material for wedding videography! I immediately knew I had a closing scene for my trailer after filming this speech. Combining it with hugging and goodbyes appears to have worked really well.

I would like to say a big congratulations to Sana and Tayyab. Wishing you the best for the future.

Flower catching after the Nikkah

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