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Mesut Kurtis: Interview

Marble Videos filmed an interview with the popular Awakening records nasheed artist, Mesut Kurtis. Mesut Kurtis performed tracks from his latest album, 'Smile' as well as tracks from his older albums (available on Amazon). As a result of being signed to such a major label, he has had the oppotunity to work with well-known nasheed artists such as Maher Zain, Irfan Makki and Ami Yusuf.

He spoke about his recent London event, where he performed the famous 'Burda Sharif' poem to a large crowd.

The tour was in aid of the mothers of Syria, helping to raise money for a good cause.

Also on tour were Zaid Ali, Saif Adam, Harris J and Preacher Moss - watch interviews with them.

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