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Muksita & James: Wedding Highlights

A few Highlights from Muksita and James big day.

The wedding took place in a luxurious Ipswitch venue, surrounded by beautiful gardens and trees on a sunny summer day, which made the fiming even more enjoyable.

The wedding wonderfully mixed Asian and British cultures, in fact, James wore both an Asian Sharwani and a classic suit.

Muksita entered to the playing harp. The Harpist played a song titled A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (Available on Amazon). Muksita entered with her parents and brothers, while James stood on the stage waiting for his new bride to be.

My favourite part of the wedding was when the guests and the newly weds walked out in the garden and made a heart shape. I stood on the balcony to get the perfect shot while filming the guests relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Muksita and James left the venue at the end of the day in an Asain style emotional farewell. This gave me the chance to get detailed shots of the venue and capture a squirell running across the freshly cut grass which was an exciting shoot.

Filming the wedding at this venue was really enjoyable.

Congratulations Muksita and James!


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