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Omar Regan - American Sharia: Interview

Director, Producer, Writer, Comedian and Actor - Omar Regan

Having worked in Hollywood, Omer Regan was ready to take the next step and launched his production company, Halalywood Entertainment. The first movie - American Sharia!

Omar has also done some music. Download I Know What U Goin Thru on Amazon.

Marble Videos had the oppotunity to catch up with Omar Regan and the American Sharia team during their 20+ City tour of the UK. Omar Regan's goal was to promote his new movie, screening it in several locations, including Slough, where we were able to catch him.

Omar Regan entertained the crowd with his humerous comedy and witty speech. Not only was Omar able to entertain but he was also able to captivate the audience with an emotional and powerful story. In particular, Omar spoke about how he had lost his farther. Omar's farther was shot by the police in the United States, for the claim that he was trying to establish Sharia in America. The police later realised they had made a mistake and appologised to Omer Regan and his family. This life changing event inspired Omar to create the movie, American Sharia.

Omar invited members of the team on board, including his brother and son, who star in the Movie. Mujahid Carswell, brother of Omar Regan, spoke to us about his role in the movie. "I played a gunman... there were cops I was the bad guy". Mujahid told us that he was inspired by his older brother and also gave us some insight into their upbringing. "We were raised in the Masjid, we had good teachers'. Omar Regan and his brother grew up speaking English and Arabic, and describe themselves as a bunch of characters!

Also part of the cast of producer Couni Young. Couni is a Jewish woman who wanted to help Omar Regan create the movie, American Sharia. She is aware that Islam is not as negative as portrayed by the media and wanted to help make the change. Couni is a Hollywood producer and even got a call from Dreamworks while on the tour!

Omar Regan's son, Idris Ali was also a member of cast. Idris Ali played a radical however his character evolves. Idris was happy to be on tour and enjoyed going to all the different cities, meeting new people and witnessing their reaction to the movie.

You can help support the movie in a number of ways. Visit the following: Follow Omar and the crew: @Omarregan @Mu2u Interview conducted by Halalways


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