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Preacher Moss: Interview

We caught up with Muslim comedian Preacher Moss. Preacher Moss is best known for his part in 'Allah Made Me Funny', the comedy group. Preacher Moss decided to drop some exclusive news about a future tour of 'Allah Made Me Funny'. He also mentioned that they would be introducing new talent to the team. Keep an eye out for the comeback of 'Allah Made Me Funny', the tour is expected before the end of 2015.

The event was in aid of the mothers of Syria. Preacher Moss hosted the event and provided entertainment throughout the night. His jokes were based around the 'Haram Police' and songs he had written for his wife.

Preacher Moss provided us with an overview of how he got into Muslim comedy as well as his plans for the future.

The 'Allah Made Me Funny' tour started with just Preacher Moss, who reached out to a number of comedians in order to form the group. They were the first Muslim entertainment group to use PR, helping to unify his message.

Preacher aims to take Islamic comedy to a 'new level'. He beleives with his new approach, he will be able to make a number of Muslims happy.

Also on tour were Saif Adam, Zaid Ali, Mesut Kurtis and Harris J – watch our interviews with them.


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