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Safe Adam: Interview

Download tracks from Safe Adam's latest album (Amazon):

Marble videos had the opportunity to film an interview with the inspiring nasheed artist - Safe Adam (Previously known as Saif Adam).

The event took place in Slough and was the final day of the 'United we stand' tour. Other well-known performers included Preacher Moss, Zaid Ali, Harris J and Mesut Kurtis. The tour was a huge success in raising money for the mothers of Syria. Safe Adam spoke to us about the reasons why he got involved in the nasheed industry and gave us some insight into his plans for the near future.

Having worked with N-Dubz and other popular mainstream singers, Safe is no stranger to the music industry. He informed us that he decided to leave the mainstream due to a calling he had.

After a trip to Makkah (Holy city in Saudi Arabia), Saif was pitched to write for Jason Derulo, however he decided to leave the mainstream and focus on writing and singing Islamic songs (Nasheeds).

Saif brings a unique mainstream feel to the nasheeds. 'I wanted to do something different... I wanted to bring in the youth'

With the youth in the UK growing up to non-islamic music, Safe Adam has really hit the nail on the head by providing a similar sounding Islamic alternative. He has had a number of hit tracks already, including 'Heart of a Muslim', 'Believe' and 'Trust in Allah'. Saif performed three of the tracks from his previous album 'Heart', which all help to share a positive messages. Through listening to his Nasheeds, we can all learn to live in peace.

Safe Adam also introduced us to his exciting new clothing range. Currently he has created caps, t-shirts and hoodies. Saif said that he may expand the range to trainers at some point in the future. The clothing contains the name of the prophet and comes under the term '25 Prophets', which he hopes to expand upon.

Do I have favourite songs? Yes. I recommend downloading Ya Nabi and By My Side (available on Amazon)


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