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The Prophetic Exhibition

The Prophetic Exhibition was held at the Islamic Centre MK in Milton Keynes. Examples of items from the time of the Prophet were on display around the centre, we were able to get up close with the display.

One item of particular interest were the Grasshoppers. These were on display for people to eat. Hadiths narrate that the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) once expressed desire for Locus - The Grasshoppers on exhibition were of the same family. Other items on display include Black seed oil, Garlic, Zam Zam water, Lemons, Cucumbers and more - all of which were eaten at the time of the Prophet. Each item was displayed with a card of text, describing either the Quranic quote or Hadith where the item had been mentioned. In some cases the products were used to help with healing, a prime example would be Honey. It is mentioned in both the Quran and Hadiths that Honey has healing properties for mankind. Other items included an example of the type of bed he used to sleep on. Interestingly he slept on a Palm-Fibre mat, which upon examination, was very thin! It was said that he prefered sleeping on a thin matress as this made it easier to wake up for the morning Fajr prayer. Narrations show that when he slept on a comfortable mattress, he sometimes slept for too long.


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